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Rehabilitation and  re-vegetation

We offer the following services to the construction and mining industry:



Plant rescue: required by law in certain development zones. Threatened or sensitive plants are removed from the construction site prior to development. Plants are stored during the duration of the construction project and returned to the site once construction is completed.

Rehabilitation: the treatment of degraded or disturbed areas to a pre-determined standard. It is required wherever there has been a change in the landscape which is causing soil loss. Rehabilitation may also be required where there is active erosion.

Re-Vegetation: the best defence that can be provided to protect the soil against erosion. However, the factors that caused the problem must be treated first. A combination of erosion control works and revegetation will have the most chance of success in preventing further erosion.


Prevention is always better than a cure!  Revegetation should be carried out in areas that have been depleted of plant cover. These may include:

areas of heavy vehicle pressure
construction sites
roadside drains and road batters
disused sites


Techniques used for revegetation will vary.  They may involve drainage control, ground preparation, seeding, fertilising, mulching, irrigation, protection and management.  We offer the following:


Seeding may not be necessary if the area has been respread with topsoil containing seeds.  However sowing may be necessary to obtain adequate ground cover. Seed can be purchased, however indigenous grass seed can also be collected from surrounding areas. 

Indigenous shrubs and trees can be established by  planting seed or nursery grown stock. Plants are selected from endemic plants commonly found within the area.

Mulch helps to retain soil moisture and keeps the soil at an even temperature, assisting vegetation to establish. It also helps to prevent erosion. Mulch hay must be weed free to prevent the  introduction or spread of weeds.

Plant Rescue

Our experience in plant rescue spans a number of years, and varying projects.

Plant rescue is the process of removing endangered plant species from areas that will desturb or destroy them, their transportation of site  and the maintenance and re-planting of these species once projects have completed.


This service is required in the following cases:

  • Where environmental impact studies demand it
  • Construction/Building Projects
  • Roads and infrastructure developments
  • Any project that can harmfully impact on endangered plant species.


We offer the following services:

  • Identifying endangered plant species with the environmental consultant
  • Removing the endangered plants
  • Transporting the plants off-site
  • Maintenance and care of species while off-site
  • Re-planting of endangered species
  • Nursing endangered species after re-planting 

Herbicide spraying and removal of invader plants

For industrial property, estate and home owners:

Herbicide spraying is the removal of unwanted invader plant species by means of physical removal or the usage of chemicals.
  We offer this service in the following circumstances: 

  • Any property with invader plants growing in it.
  • If the Department of Agriculture demands it
  • If you require Business ISO compliance
  • Weeds in lawns and paving of domestic and commercial properties


 We offer the following: 

  • Identification of declared invader plant species
  • Removal of such species
  • Invader plant surveys for ISO compliance

Licensed pest control operators to give you peace of mind!

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